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got an old laptop to sell for cash?

while your old laptop might not exactly be on its last leg, you know no one will pay top dollar for it. unless you’re talking about us!

buy r us is a leading buyer of all electronic devices online. instead of paying you in store credit for laptops, tablets, or smartphones you don’t use anymore, we provide you with a list of options for payment. so you get to choose how you should be paid—via check, money transfer, or cash—we even make charity donations in your name!

why we want to buy your old laptop

the rise in technology and electronic devices has also added to the world’s waste problem. instead of re-selling their older devices, people often just throw them—even laptops that are perfectly functional.

we repurpose such devices and sell them forward to those who need a good piece of technological equipment but for a small price tag. in short, we do our part in lessening waste on the planet, while helping people save money on devices that will help them with their endeavors in the years to come.

in addition, we give our clients, aka sellers, the opportunity to earn extra cash as well. with our affiliate program, customers are able to make money easily and quickly.

when you work with buy r us, you can be sure that you’ll profit. so sell us your old laptop online. we’ll give you the best price for your model instantly. no more waiting 7—10 days for the transaction to go through!

we stay true to our vision of helping customers utilize their electronic devices fully!

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