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We’ll Buy Your Old Phones for a Good Price

One man’s old phone is another’s treasure.

Whether you’re upgrading or simply selling your old phone because you’re strapped for cash, with our help, you’ll get the money you need and we’ll repurpose your phone so someone else can use it instead.

E-waste has become a major issue. At Buy R Us, we want to do something about it. Whatever phone you have, you can use our reliable platform to sell it, trade it or recycle it for cash.

When you think about it, we don’t use our electronic devices to their fullest extent. The average lifecycle of an iPhone is 4.7 years, and this was estimated about four years ago. Times have changed and so has our understanding of technology. With better products, we can extend the life of our phones so they can serve us for many more years. Yet, with newer upgrades and models available each year, most of us are just throwing money away!

But with Buy R Us, this doesn’t have to necessarily happen.

Take the Right Step

At Buy R Us, we take every step possible to make sure you have a good experience using our site, which is why we offer the best price and  pay however you want—in cash, as a check, gift card, bank transfer or even as a charity donation.

After all, at Buy R Us, we take your data privacy seriously. This is why we make the buying and selling process as easy as possible, according to how you want it. With us, you run the show!

So use Buy R Us. Recycle your old phone for cash and get the best price for your device!

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