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give your old tablet a new home!

when it comes to replacing electronic devices, do you ever wonder if someone else could make good use of the older models you don’t use anymore?

with buy r us, we make the process of recycling, selling, and trading in your used electronics easier than ever.

we take in your old devices for cash, and re-purpose them for people who need it but aren’t able to pay full price. your tablet comes in handy for children or even adults who require high-tech devices for school or business projects.

in short, through our services, we extend the lifecycle of your tablet or other electronic device, so that it serves its purpose till the very end of its useful life.

keep in mind, electronic devices make up a considerable amount of the world’s waste problem. and what most people don’t realize is that there are plenty of useful ways these devices can still be used.

buy r us makes it possible!

how we work

other companies typically pay you for your recycled tablets by giving store credit. but at buy r us, we allow you to sell or trade your used tablets online while choosing from a variety of payback options. whether you want cash, a check, an online transfer, or even want the money transferred to a charity donation—we follow your instructions.

at buy r us, we believe in making trade ins for tablets and any other electronic devices simpler. this is why we will soon be launching a shipping service as well, so all you’ll have to do is send us the tablet from your home address.

so connect with buy r us today. let us know if you want to sell or trade your tablet online for cash. we’ll pay the best rates for your device.

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