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Got an old smartphone you need to trade in?

In the world of new and improved phones and gadgets, your old smartphone might seem a bit out-of-date.

However, if you’re thinking of just throwing it away, wait!

Discarded computers, phones and devices are adding to the world’s waste problem. Each year, the amount of perfectly functional e-waste is increasing, and with it, the world’s pollution problem.

Keep in mind, discarded e-waste contains a lot of components that can pose a considerable health and environmental risk, especially if they deteriorate over time.

So instead of throwing away your old smartphone in the dump, why not sell it using Buy R Us for a good price?

Buy R Us is a leading buyer of all things electronic. From old smartphones to PCs and laptops, customers can now sell their old devices to us for cash.

How We Work

At Buy R Us, we believe that even if an electronic device is old and clunky, it can still serve its purpose with the right tweaks. After all, that’s the goal of having electronic devices—so we can update, modify and upgrade them so we can utilize their potential fully.

We give our clients the opportunity to help others. You put your smartphone online for sale, and get a good price in return. We provide that money as cash, check or bank transfer; we can even transfer the money under your name as a charity donation.

Whatever service we offer, we do so to make your life easier.


So sell your smartphone for cash on Buy R Us. Help us pay the happiness of using a good-working smartphone forward!

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